★★★ FLASH ROTATOR GALLERY ★★★ Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

★★★ FLASH ROTATOR GALLERY ★★★ Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

★★★ FLASH ROTATOR GALLERY is a flash real 3D module with an expectacular desing.
Flash rotator gallery is perfect to create:

  • 3D photo galleries
  • 3D portfolios
  • 3D menus
  • 3D slideshow
  • 3D headers
  • 3D banners
  • 3D catalogs for your products
  • All that you can needs

Flash rotator Gallery can be used like module or widget in your wordpress sites.
In this plugin, you can configure a lot of params like size, colors, background, links to your post or external sites, photos, number of rows or images tittles.
Very easy to use, create a gallery is easier than never. You only have to write your image folder and automaticaly Matrix show all your photos.
Additional Plugin Information:

You can add several galleries to your wordpress, using each one with differents folder. That allow you configure in diferents post or pages, diferents galleries with differents images.


  1. flash-rotator-gallery screenshot 1


    1. Configuration.

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