Flopay Checkout For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Flopay Checkout For WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Flopay is on a mission to lower the cost of payment processing for everyone. Whether you do $10K per month or $10MM per month we will beat your current processing rates. That’s our guarantee.

Our platform gives you the flexibility to get paid however you want and do business globally. With our ever-growing 1-Click payment network you will be saving money while greatly boosting conversion and retention rates of your shoppers on your website.

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  • Lower your processing cost by 20%-60%.

  • Easily and securely accept credit cards and bank to bank transfers using Flo Pay.

  • Boost customer conversion and retention rates with our 1-Click Payment network.


  • Huge Savings! Reduce processing fees by up to 20%-60%.

  • Fewer fields at checkout, Increase Conversion.

  • Made for mobile, optimized for order completion.

  • Lowest Rates for International Card Processing.

  • Automated system for decreasing chargebacks.

  • Built in refunds.

  • Invoicing and Virtual Terminal web interface for one off deals.

  • Premier Customer Support for Everyone.

  • No volume minimums, no volume limits, No reserves.

  • Get Paid daily and never let another company hold your money.


  • Improve your Bottomline: Put more money back in your company’s pocket with a simple no hassle switch.

  • Boost Conversion: Drive a massive lift in completed orders with Flopay’s conversion-optimized checkout.

  • Made for Mobile: Flopay’s mobile checkout only consists of 8 fields, where the industry standard is 13. We eliminate scrolling and minimize user input, making it the fastest way for users to purchase on the move.

  • 1-Click Pay: give your customers on amazon like ordering experience.

  • Boost customer LTV: Single-click checkout for seamless repeat purchases.

  • Bank-level security: Flopay is PCI DSS Level I compliant.


  1. Improve your Bottomline.

    Improve your Bottomline.

  2. Made for Mobile.

    Made for Mobile.

  3. 1-Click Pay.

    1-Click Pay.

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