Forms With Chart From VAB Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Forms With Chart From VAB Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Forms with chart from VAB can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form. The main direction of the plugin is polls and questionnaires with the output of results in the form of diagrams of such fields as «Check boxes», «Radio buttons», «Drop-down list» in pure css, but it is also suitable for creating simple feedback forms. Forms have their own protection against bots.

Docs and support

You can find more detailed information about Forms with chart from VAB on

Forms with chart from VAB needs your support

It is hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy using Forms with chart from VAB and find it useful, please consider making a donation. Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support.

Privacy notices

With the default configuration, this plugin, in itself, does not:

  • track users by stealth;
  • write any user personal data to the database;
  • send any data to external servers;
  • use cookies.

In the form settings, you can activate the plugin actions:

  • logs the entered form data to a file for displaying the results of diagrams.

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The plugin supports the ability to translate into any language. You can use special programs for translation, such as «Poedit». By default, the plugin is only translated into Russian.


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