Get Post Image Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Get Post Image Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Get Post Image can easily resize, adjust, flip, and make a lot of operations in the uploaded images right into the code. Site visitors can’t actually make HTTP requests to generate the images because phpThumb was adjusted to allow only WordPress to do it. The image will be saved in the same directory of the converted image and will never be processed again.


For example, to display a post thumbnail in a 200×100 format, you can simply do:


Or as a shortcode in the post content:

[get-post-image phpthumb="w=200&h=100"]

If the picture is a little bit dark, you can increase brightness in 20% with:


And the shortcode:

[get-post-image phpthumb="w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=brit|20"]

There’s many more options. Please visit the plugin page for configuration, usage, examples and other information.


  1. This is the original image.

    This is the original image.

  2. Resizing to 300x300px: <code>get_post_image ('w=300&h=300');</code>

    Resizing to 300x300px: get_post_image ('w=300&h=300');

  3. Adjusting brightness: <code>get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=brit|20');</code>

    Adjusting brightness: get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=brit|20');

  4. Flip vertically: <code>get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=flip|y');</code>

    Flip vertically: get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=flip|y');

  5. Text: <code>get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=wmt|I\''m a Camel! ©|16|C|FFFFFF|/path/to/liberation-sans.ttf|100|10|0|000000|80|x');</code>

    Text: get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=wmt|I\''m a Camel! ©|16|C|FFFFFF|/path/to/liberation-sans.ttf|100|10|0|000000|80|x');

  6. Watermak image: <code>get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=wmi|/path/to/camel-logo.png|T|50|5|5|320');</code>

    Watermak image: get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=wmi|/path/to/camel-logo.png|T|50|5|5|320');

  7. Applying mask: <code>get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=mask|/path/to/camel-abstract.png&f=png');</code>

    Applying mask: get_post_image ('w=200&zc=1&fltr[]=mask|/path/to/camel-abstract.png&f=png');

  8. Mask applyed

    Mask applyed

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