Gobot Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Gobot Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Use Gobot to automatically solicit email addresses, automate your customer service, schedule meetings and present social shares/likes/follows, polls, conversational forms and surveys, gifs, videos, images, and so much more!

Most website visitors that leave your website will never return.

Reverse this trend with a super easy-to-implement and engaging chatbot that can run on your website 24/7 and features all of the tools above!

Gobot helps you get more email subscribers, grow your sales, and increase time-on-site by engaging your website visitors at just the right time and place!

Use one of our popular templates or write your own bot script using our drag n’ drop bot builder – no coding or bot training required! Gobot’s integration with WordPress means you will be up and running in under one minute.

Gobot fills the void between pop-ups and live chat.

Pop-ups and slide-ins may incrementally increase conversions but they are not engaging, and to put it mildly, are rather annoying to website visitors. Live chat is useful to answer questions but it requires live manpower and is not proactive. Of note, most websites do not even offer live chat and many that do take forever to get back to you with a response!

Gobot does not require that you pay or train a live operator and it is much more engaging and successful at converting than pop-ups and slide-ins – and best of all, it runs on autopilot for you 24/7.

And with Gobot’s handoff functionality, live chat is only one click away. Plus, Gobot goes well beyond with social buttons as well as built-in functionality for scheduling meetings and presenting polls and surveys. You must have a Gobot account in order to take advantage of this plugin.

How does Gobot work?

Gobot does not rely on artificial intelligence or anything that requires training or trial and error. Use one of Gobot’s popular templates or script your own bot with text and smart buttons using Gobot’s drag n’ drop builder – no coding or bot training required! It is simple, all you need to do is decide what you want your bot to say and when. Click Publish and your bot appears on your website and engages your visitors! Your bot can be up and running in under a minute.

Gobot Combines the Best Features of Other Tools into a Single Bot. Replace and/or supplement the following tools with Gobot:

  • Pop-ups/Slide-ins
  • Livechat
  • Polls
  • Forms
  • Scheduling apps
  • Surveys
  • Easy Integration with Email Marketing Services
    • so much more!

Gobot works out-of-the box with most popular email marketing service providers including but not limited to:

MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, and many more to come.

Advanced Page Level Targeting and Behavior Personalization

Gobot allows you to create a highly targeted message based on the specific page or traffic referral source your visitor followed to arrive at your site. This allows you to segment your email list and group your subscribers based on their interest and interaction with your website.

Segmentation allows you to send relevant emails to your subscribers to achieve higher open rates, higher click through rates, increased sales and revenue, greater customer retention, and a lower unsubscribe rate.

Gobot can also be triggered when your visitors scroll to a particular spot on your website or at the precise moment your visitors are about to leave. This allows you to re-engage visitors and encourage subscription.

Detailed Bot Conversion Analytics:

Gobot’s analytics are dead simple and extremely useful. Review your bot’s conversion rate and watch how Gobot keeps visitors on your site longer.

Full Features List:

  • High converting bot template library (100% responsive & mobile-friendly)
  • Poll functionality for polling your visitors
  • 0-10 Surveys for gauging level of satisfaction with your site
  • Form functionality with CSV output to spreadsheets
  • Calendar functionality for scheduling calls and meetings
  • Social buttons for promoting shares/likes/follows
  • Powerful page level targeting to build a hyper-segmented email list
  • Custom analytics with Google Analytics to tell you which bots are converting the best
  • Exit sensitive triggered bots for converting abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers
  • Scroll-triggered bots for enhanced conversion rates
  • Timed bots – display opt-ins after a certain time or on second pageview
  • Easy integration with popular email marketing service providers
  • Color match your brand

Add Gobot to your site today and start increasing sales, growing your email list, and boosting engagement all while automating customer service. Start 100% free today!

Note For Beginners:

As with all WordPress plugins, Gobot is only available for self-hosted WordPress websites, meaning that you’ll have to switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org if you want to use this plugin on your WordPress website.


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