ImageSnippets Gallery Block Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

ImageSnippets Gallery Block Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This is a plugin for the Block Editor.
It creates a gallery block with images from
Images will be evenly distributed in the space available.
Changes to the set of images at imagesnippets are automatically shown in the gallery.

Images tagged with “this image isin GALLERY” will be displayed.
– GALLERY is the name of an image snippets entity.

Optional Controls
– Display image captions.
– Display the gallery name as a title.
– Filter images by an imagesnippets userid.
– Sort the images by title or date.
– Limit the number of images displayed
– Styles change the thumbnail size.



What is Imagesnippetts?

ImageSnippets is an archival and curation tool. The goal of ImageSnippets is to build a persistent resource that establishes provenance and preserves the historical content and context of images. The application uses RDF syntax to ensure that the data entered will be readable in the future. RDF has become a standard, like HTML, and will likely be read by semantically aware devices for years to come. Additionally, the application saves data in a way that cannot be easily manipulated.


  1. Gallery edit

    Gallery edit

  2. Basic options

    Basic options

  3. Advanced options

    Advanced options

  4. Styles


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