Import Multiple Feed Types As Posts (Feed2Post) Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Import Multiple Feed Types As Posts (Feed2Post) Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Feed2Post provides the following import formats and parameters :

  • None : Allows you to define a custom post type and attributes (like podz), but with no import
  • CSV : URL, separator, encoding
  • XML : URL, XPath query
  • PDO/SQL : DSN string, user, password, SQL select query
  • SIRTAQUI : Module ID

Each import format has the following parameters :

  • Post type
  • Permalink
  • Identifier field
  • Show UI (in admin panel)
  • Supports comments
  • Supports custom fields
  • Cron period
  • Delete missing posts
  • Display options (override templates, custom CSS, etc.)
  • Field list : title, content, taxonomies, metas, date, author, thumbnail, medias, extract

Feed2post provides the following features :

  • Feed can be manually or automatically (cron) imported
  • Manually delete feed posts
  • Drag and drop fields
  • Add custom (non imported) fields with static values
  • Import feeds into existing or new post type (multiple feeds can be imported to a single post type)
  • Map feed fields to wordpress fields
  • Filters and actions on most functions
  • A [feed2post] shortcode with the following features :
    • Display field value : [feed2post field="..."]
    • Display search form : [feed2post template="searchform" fields="..."]

Feed2Post provides display options and custom templates to handle a basic display with no code.
But it is highly recommended to disable the Feed2Post display options
and to use instead a page builder like Elementor, so you can create custom templates for you post types.
Elementor Pro and Elementor Custom Skin plugins can also be used to create dynamic field tags and archive loops.

Do not hesitate to contact for more info or technical support.


  1. Feed2Post general settings

    Feed2Post general settings

  2. Feed list

    Feed list

  3. CSV options

    CSV options

  4. PDO/SQL options

    PDO/SQL options

  5. XML options

    XML options

  6. SIRTAQUI options

    SIRTAQUI options

  7. Basic archive display with search form (with Elementor)

    Basic archive display with search form (with Elementor)

  8. Basic single display (with Elementor)

    Basic single display (with Elementor)

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