Landing Page Cat – WordPress Landing Pages Made Easy - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Landing Page Cat – WordPress Landing Pages Made Easy Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

WordPress Landing Pages Made Easy

Do you want set up a simple, beautiful, highly converting email landing page? Look no further than Landing Page Cat.

While there are some powerful WordPress landing page builders out there, most of them are overly complicated, come with tons of settings, and are hard to use.

Landing Page Cat solves this problem.

Instead of including every feature under the sun, Landing Page Cat focuses on one thing: letting you set up a beautiful, conversion-optimized landing page in a few minutes. To put simply: Landing Page Cat works out of the box.

Grow Your Email List with this powerful WordPress Landing Page Plugin

Landing Page Cat supports the following email marketing & marketing automation tools:
* MailChimp
* GetResponse
* Drip
* Aweber
* Active Campaign
* Zapier (Using Zapier you can connect your landing page to any email provider out there.)

No matter which provider you use, Landing Page Cat makes setting up highly effective email landing pages a breeze.

Introducing our powerful landing page builder

Using Landing Page Cat’s powerful landing page builder, you can create a beautiful landing page in less than 2 minutes. Our landing page builder includes the following powerful customization options.
* Customize your landing page background. Landing Page Cat lets you use one of 3 gorgeous images (more landing page background images coming soon), or a “solid color” landing page background.
* Configure your landing page headline. Our “landing page headline” input supports HTML and is fully color-costumizeable.
* Customize your landing page sub-headline. You can use WordPress’ powerful built-in tinyMCE editor to edit and format your landing page sub-headline’s content and color.
* Show/hide “name” field on your landing page. Do you want to collect the name of people who subscribe on your landing page? Great news – Landing Page Cat lets you toggle your form’s name field on and off.
* Configure your landing page – “name” & “email” placeholder text.
* Fully customize your landing page button. Landing Page Cat lets your customize your button’s text, background color, border color and hover color.

Which features does Landing Page Cat include?

  • Connect your landing page to one of many popular email providers.
  • Build beautiful landing pages in minutes with our landing page builder.
  • Choose one of 3 gorgeous landing page background images, or use a solid background color.
  • Beautiful spinning animation upon successful landing page submission.
  • Display a landing page “thank you” message using AJAX. Thank your visitor for opting in, without forcing a redirect to another page.
  • Beautiful & customizeable landing page error messages.
  • Customize all messages, including – landing page subscribing messages (“Subscribing…”), landing page thank you messages (“Thanks for subscribing!”, landing page error messages (“Please enter a valid email”).
  • Smart landing page deployment. Publish your landing page to your homepage, or to any custom URL on your website with ease.

Why use Landing Page Cat?

A landing page is a dedicated page on your website that is built from the ground up to convert your visitors into email subscribers. Building a landing page with Landing Page Cat is easy.

Landing pages are particularly effective in the following cases:
* Guest posts. Link your byline link to a landing page in order to convert the maximum number of readers into subscribers.
* Facebook advertising. Drive traffic from Facebook to your landing page to convert them into leads.
* Driving landing page traffic from your blog or sidebar. You could include links or banners in your blog posts or sidebar to drive traffic to your landing page.
* Your homepage. Turn your homepage into a landing page.

Landing pages are powerful tools used by experienced marketers to grow your business.

Now that we’ve talked about use cases for landing pages, let’s talk about why you should use Landing Page Cat. Landing Page Cat is a simple – but powerful – WordPress landing page plugin that does one thing well – it makes creating beautiful landing pages easy.

Landing Page Cat doesn’t come with every single feature under the soon. Instead, it comes with the most important features needed to build an effective landing page for your business. This results in Landing Page Cat being super simple & easy to use, thus letting you set up landing pages in 2 minutes or less.

Is “Landing Page Cat – WordPress Landing Pages Made Easy” easy to translate?

Yes. “Landing Page Cat – WordPress Landing Pages Made Easy” is fully translatable. Please let us know if you’re interested in contributing.

“Landing Page Cat – WordPress Landing Pages Made Easy” Feature Roadmap

This is just the first version of Landing Page Cat – we have tons of new features & improvements lined up. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave a comment in the support forums.

The Fatcat Apps Team


  1. landing-page-cat screenshot 1

    A landing page built with Landing Page Cat.

  2. landing-page-cat screenshot 2

    Another example of a landing page built with Landing Page Cat.

  3. landing-page-cat screenshot 3

    Another example of a landing page built with Landing Page Cat.

  4. landing-page-cat screenshot 4

    Another example of a landing page built with Landing Page Cat.

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