LNC Near Comments Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

LNC Near Comments Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

LNC Near Comments plugin is a part of WordPress integration with web3 near blockchain protocol. This plugin provides a specific captcha for the comments section
and post user comments after small tip transaction to https://explorer.mainnet.near.org/accounts/v1.ncaptcha.near smart contract. As a site owner, you can earn money with our plugin! Our unique payment system allows you to receive a portion of the payment for each captcha solved by your users. So not only will you be protecting your site, but you’ll also be generating extra revenue at the same time.
Revenue is configurable on your side. So all that you need is get our login and comments plugin, register near wallet and install it to your site for spam protection, money earning and joining web3!

Important Notes

  1. Compatibility: Our plugin has been tested and designed to work with the latest version of WordPress. It is important that you update your WordPress installation before using our plugin to ensure compatibility.
  2. Dependencies: Our plugin require https://wordpress.org/plugins/near-login/ to function properly. Please refer to the plugin documentation for any necessary dependencies and installation instructions.
  3. Specific behavior: 70% functionality of plugin based on client javascript. So please keep in mind, that without enabled javascript nCaptcha will not protect your comments.


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