Materialize Accordions Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Materialize Accordions Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin allows you to add a collapsible accordion with a title and body text via shortcode on any page or post. It is based off the Materialize CSS framework. The interface is simple allowing you to sort sections around easily. It is fully responsive and mobile friendly and allows for keyboard accessibility. This plugin works with the Classic editor or the Gutenberg shortcode block and should have no conflicts with other plugins. For more options in the settings and support, please get the PRO version.

If you’d like to see a demo of the accordions, please go here.

Note: Installing and activating the PRO version will not affect any accordions already published; they will still be there. The free version will automatically be deactivated and you can delete it afterwards.

Plugin Features

Simple User Interface
Everything you need to setup an accordion, drag and drop them, and add more blocks/sections is on one page

Unlimited Accordions
There is no limit on how many accordions you make

Display with Shortcode
Accordion and tabs can be displayed anywhere via shortcode in page, post content, sidebar or widgets and gutenberg blocks: [MA_shortcode id=XX]

Full Keyboard Accessibility
All accordion sections can be accessed using the Tab key on the keyboard

Open and Close All Tabs
You can close and open all links/tabs at once

Deep Linking
Tab links can be opened directly in a browser by adding #1 – #10 to the end of the url where an accordion exists on a page or post

Custom CSS and JS
Option is available to add CSS or JavaScript in the admin area

Small File Sizes
Only 2 files and they are only loaded on the pages or posts that you actually have a shortcode on

Easy Migration
Get the pro version for 10+ more settings options and migrate all published accordions with absolute ease


  1. Full view of the admin post screen

    Full view of the admin post screen

  2. View of display settings

    View of display settings

  3. View of example accordion on a page

    View of example accordion on a page

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