Megamo Connect Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Megamo Connect Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Megamo Integrator is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to help online store owners efficiently expand their product catalog. Whether you’re looking to import a large batch of products or simply make a few updates to your existing offer, our app has you covered.

Forget about CSV, Excel, or XML files – we provide you with an accessible tool that makes it effortless to import products from virtually any source. It will also make sure that the stock levels and prices are always up-to-date.

Core features of Megamo Integrator:
* Connect to any wholesale supplier using product feed files or API connection
* Manage products from multiple sources in one app
* Import only the products that you would like to sell
* Quickly manage prices in bulk by defining mark-up rules
* Keep the prices and stock levels up-to-date with automatic updates

Megamo Connect role

Megamo Connect is an add-on designed specifically for WordPress and its WooCommerce e-commerce extension. It makes it easier to browse suppliers available in the Megamo Integrator and apply for an integration.

Where to find Megamo Connect

Megamo Connect can be accesed by expanding the Megamo Connect section in the admin menu of your WordPress backoffice.

As of now (v1.0) all Megamo Connect features are available directly in the sub-pages of the Megamo Connect section.

Megamo Connect usage

You can use our app to browse currently available suppliers and apply for the integration for each of them by using links attached. In case the suppliers of your choice is not visible on your the list, please contact us using the form available in the supplier browser.

In case any questions arise we are there to help! You can contact us using the “Contact us” page or by sending the e-mail directly to our support at

Megamo Connect future

We expect our Megamo Connect extension to further develop in the future by giving our customers access to detailed information about their currently used Megamo services, simplifying the authorization process and expanding the integration with existing WordPress and WooCommerce functionalities.


Current Megamo Connect requirements:
1. Forms use WordPress mailing; please ensure that wp_mail() function is configured properly, otherwise your request may not be delivered.

Our app may suggest that some of the features has not been met. Please not that although it may not affect its functioning directly, they are crucial for our integrator to work.

Current Megamo Integrator requirements:
1. WooCommerce installed and active.
1. User with admin privilages.


  1. Screenshot are stored in main catalog of the extension.

    Screenshot are stored in main catalog of the extension.

  2. Related to screenshot-1.png. This is main dashboard page (v1.0).

    Related to screenshot-1.png. This is main dashboard page (v1.0).

  3. Related to screenshot-2.png. This is about us page (v1.0).

    Related to screenshot-2.png. This is about us page (v1.0).

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