Monoloq Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Monoloq Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Monoloq is designed to boost your conversion rates by providing your customers with an intuitive shopping experience. It actively engages customers and assists them in finding the products in order to create a personalised experience on your website. The AI sales assistant is capable of answering questions about your products, and can even offer suggestions and recommendations for other products based on the customer’s preferences.


  • AI sales assistant that engages customers and helps them find the right products
  • Personalized shopping experience based on the customer’s behavior, interests, and purchase history
  • Recommends products based on the customer’s preferences
  • Chat window that can be customized to match your brand
  • Easy to use and install on your WooCommerce shop page
  • Boosts conversion rates by providing a more intuitive shopping experience

Use of Third-Party Service

Our plugin relies on a third-party service, which is also operated by us, The APIs are used during user chats, where they take user messages and respond with text messages, product recommendations, and general information.
To access this service, please visit We would like to disclose that we rely on this third-party service to provide better user experience.
You can review our terms of service here:
Additionally, we urge you to read our privacy policy, which can be found at


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