NextGEN-Galleryview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

NextGEN-Galleryview Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

NextGEN-Galleryview (originally created by Alex Rabe) is a WordPress plugin providing NextGen-Gallery plugin users a new template based on the Galleryview jQuery Plugin created by Jack Wanders (@jackwanders). The plugin has been updated by Brandon Hubbard (@bhubbard).


Two years ago, this plugin was in the WordPress repo, but was no longer being updated. I (@bhubbard) happens to work for a WordPress development company who had many clients using this plugin. At the time I took over supporting it, focusing primarily on improving performance and keeping it up with WordPress, not really adding any features. Since then a lot of changes have happened in the WordPress community. Since I started supporting this plugin, the WordPress builtin Gallery features have improved greatly, and NextGen-Gallery has gone thru some MAJOR CHANGES. On top of that the galleryview.js script is no longer being actively developed on or supported by any developer.

This plugin has the largest number of users for any plugin I have ever worked on, and its been a great learning experience. If any developers are interested in taking over support I encourage you to open a issue on github for the plugin with details on how you would want to improve it and continue support. For users I encourage to look into alternative solutions, as there are MANY slider plugins available. I highly recommend Soliloquy as a WordPress Slider, however since most of you have your image in NextGen-Gallery already then I suggest getting NextGen-Gallery Pro. The NextGen-Gallery Pro offers a Filmstrip gallery which will replicate what GalleryView was currently offering.


Brandon Hubbard – @bhubbard
Alex Rabe
Jack Wanders



[nggallery id=1 template=”galleryview”]


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