Ninja Charts – WordPress Charts And Graphs Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Ninja Charts – WordPress Charts And Graphs Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

If you need the best charts and graphs plugin for your WordPress website, you are at the right place. With Ninja Charts, you can create responsive charts that are fully customizable, and beautiful.

For the best data visualization, Ninja Charts is the most powerful and lightweight chart and graph generator. It allows you to create numerous types of graphs and charts in WordPress.

  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • Bar charts
  • Bubble charts
  • Doughnut charts
  • Radar charts
  • Polar charts
  • Scatter charts
  • Area charts
  • Combo charts
  • Horizontal bar charts
  • Funnel charts

WordPress Charts Plugin Video Preview

Ninja Tables Integration With Ninja Charts

When Ninja Charts is packed with Ninja Tables, it’s one of WordPress’s most eligible chart-maker plugins. It enables you to retrieve data from a popular data table builder: Ninja Tables and show them in the form of different charts.

Ninja Charts Features

This completely free Ninja Charts plugin is a robust visualization tool that enables you to create many kinds of interactive and customizable charts and graphs. It is equipped with a lot of amazing features.

  • Deep integration with Ninja Tables
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Design and Layout customization
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress chart plugin
  • Simple and handy steps to get started
  • SEO-friendly charts
  • Shortcodes to embed
  • Live preview on admin
  • Multiple chart types available
  • Multiple data sources
  • Versatile rendering engines
  • Special formatting and preview option
  • Amazing, dedicated support facility

10+ Chart Types

This WordPress chart and graph plugin provides more than 10 types of charts that are optimized to address your WordPress data visualization needs.

Ninja Charts allows you to customize your data charts in the best way possible. You can choose from a bunch of advanced options to customize your online data chart while creating the chart.

Customizability with ease

Ninja Charts is Versatile and Tailored to Your Needs. Now personalize your charts with ease. Customize a wide range of options to seamlessly integrate the visual style of your website.

While Google Chart tools offer a default setting, all customization is entirely optional, and the basic setup is ready to go. Should your webpage have a unique style that differs from the provided defaults, charts, and graphs can be effortlessly adjusted.

Each chart offers a plethora of options to fine-tune its appearance with complete flexibility. Some customization options are-

  • Chart width
  • Responsive chart width
  • Chart height
  • Chart Position
  • Background color
  • Border width
  • Border color
  • Border radius
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Font color

Moreover, you’ll get more options like AXES, TITLE, TOOLTIP, and LEGEND to give your online chart a more polished look.

Responsive Charts

While 90% of your visitors are mobile users, you just can’t forget the responsiveness of the charts. That’s why Ninja Charts comes with a JavaScript-based chart rendering engine that provides cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform portability to any screen size.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

It’s the easiest chart-maker solution for your websites. You just need to specify the titles and the chart type, and then you will find the option to put a value manually, or you can retrieve data from the Ninja Tables plugin directly.

After completing the process, the plugin will automatically generate a short code for a single chart, which you can embed on any page or post to show the respective data.

Awesome Support

You can get dedicated support from our excellent support team for this beautiful WordPress table plugin for free! All you need to do is create a support ticket here.

Our support team eagerly awaits your feature requests and extended help for customized tables. Don’t hesitate to create a support ticket for the best experiences.


  1. Fresh Ninja Charts admin panel

    Fresh Ninja Charts admin panel

  2. Chart creation interface

    Chart creation interface

  3. Ninja Charts support multiple data sources e.g. Ninja Tables, Fluent Forms

    Ninja Charts support multiple data sources e.g. Ninja Tables, Fluent Forms

  4. Manual data source interface

    Manual data source interface

  5. Numerous Chart customization

    Numerous Chart customization

  6. Renderable shortcode

    Renderable shortcode

  7. Admin dashboard to manage various charts

    Admin dashboard to manage various charts

  8. Rendered chart in the frontend

    Rendered chart in the frontend

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