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QA Analytics Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Demo Video

QA Analytics does both collecting data comprehensively and visualizing them in various ways.
It works as your own Website Analytics System in your server and shall bring your website analytics to a higher level.

Concern about “personal data” of your visitors?

QA Analytics is NOT cloud-based.
Collected data will be saved on YOUR host server.

In recent years, the use of cloud-based access analysis tools has become a risk. Storing data related to personal information outside of the country could be illegal, as you may know about that the GDPR ruling against Google Analytics.
Because the data will be stored ‘in-house’ with QA Analytics, there is no worry about that extra risk due to the GDPR or other privacy laws.

* NO third-party cookies.
* Doesn’t record data which someone can identify as personal information like IP address.
* Doesn’t pursue visitors.
* Doesn’t depend on any outside data resources.

Don’t need to abandon your database area.

QA Analytics will temporarily use your WordPress database field, but all data will be saved in file format on the disc space of your server. The old data in the database will be deleted sequentially.

No need to write tags in code.

Unlike GA4, events data will also be collected without setting tags.
Just activating the plugin, it will start to collect and record data automatically.

Get and own precise data

QA Analytics collects:

  • PageViews / Sessions
    • time on page / time on site
    • from the first page to the last page
  • Visitors
    • new or returning
    • device type, OS, browser
  • Referrer
  • Events
    • DOM clicked/tapped, mouse moving, page scrolled, etc.

View intuitively and profoundly

QA Analytics provides:

  • Realtime … See someone visiting your website ‘right now’.

    • Counter of users per minute
    • Session information and session replays ( comes up in a list as long as a session ends )
  • Analytics … Check and analyze your site visits during a particular period.

    • Overview / Statistics
    • Audience
    • Acquisition
    • Behavior (Site Content)
    • Conversions (Goals)
  • Heatmap … Get to know visitors’ aspects and events on your website page. Experience this well-built map.

    • Attention Map
    • Click Heatmap / Click-Count Map
    • Scroll Map
  • Session Replays … Follow and trail users’ action, by playback like a video.

  • SEO Analysis … Connect with Google API and monitor how search engines impact your site.

    • Search Performance / Rankings
    • Goal Completion from landing pages
  • PV Data Download … Download PageView data in TSV format as a detailed log.

Other Features

  • Filter and search function to get the data you want.

  • Upgrade options to get the plugin more practical:

    • Measure events on all the pages
    • Extend data retention period
    • Connect to Google Data Studio
  • Made in Japan 🙂

Important Notes

QA Analytics sets a limitation for the number of PageViews, to keep your server healthy.
It should be less than 100,000 PVs each month.
This “number of PageViews” is the number that is counted across the entire site, not just within the pages selected to measure event data.
For the website that has more than that, a support option is available. Please contact us, and you can have a license to remove the restriction.

Major data processing takes place overnight. ( Cron batches, processing program, start to run about 3am in your time-zone. )
Therefore, there will be some load on your server. The larger amount of data, the heavier it gets; and the longer it takes to process.
If your site has a lot of visits and you have other programs that run during night on your server, it would be necessary to consider. We are happy to support if you are unsure about that (possibly charged). Please contact us.

Please do NOT compress or minify JavaScript.
If JavaScript is compressed or minified, JavaScript doesn’t run properly and QA Analytics will be unable to collect data. Unexpected errors may occur, too.
For more about -> Supported Environments

If you use a specially-configured server or an exclusive server such as AWS, please refer to the linked page below. You may need to consider and change the configuration.
->Points to note when installing


  1. Home | Dashboard (upgraded version)

    Home | Dashboard (upgraded version)

  2. Realtime


  3. Heatmap


  4. Overview


  5. Goals (upgraded version)

    Goals (upgraded version)

  6. SEO Analysis

    SEO Analysis

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