Realia Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Realia Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Front end submission system

Realia allows to add properties by your users. Create the property directory by few clicks. If you want you can review
newly added properties before publishing. Of course it is possible to charge users for using your website. Plugins has
builtin pay per post and package system.

Property management

Manage properties from WordPress admin. Custom version of table display is containing all important information about
properties like featured image, price and assigned taxonomy terms.

Price formatting options

Realia supports various price formatting options. You can define the currency where you are able to set currency sign and number formatting options like number of decimal places, decimal point and thousands separator.

For properties you can set another group of price settings. You are able to write alphanumeric text instead of price amount or add your custom prefix and suffix.

Are you developer and still not satisfied with price formatting? Don’t worry. Everything is located in one method so it is pretty easy to change the functionality.

Agencies & Agents

With Realia plugin you are able to assign agent to properties and create agencies grouping agents. Great for internal
purposes or directory listings.


  • Google Map with properties
  • Vertical filter
  • Properties
  • Agents
  • Assigned agent to property
  • Enquire form

Property Attributes

  • Featured image
  • Image gallery
  • Location
  • Property type
  • Amenities
  • Address
  • Property ID
  • Featured
  • Sticky
  • Reduced
  • Video link
  • Price
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Garages
  • Area
  • GPS position
  • Contract type
  • Description
  • Floor plans
  • Land valuation
  • Public facilities
  • Agent assignment


  • Front end submission system
  • Pay per post
  • Package system
  • Review before submission
  • Pay for featured or sticky property
  • PayPal integration – PayPal account and credit card
  • Google map support
  • Received transactions
  • Advanced price formatting
  • Agent contact form on property detail
  • Custom measurement
  • Plays nicely with Twenty Fifteen
  • Easy for developers
  • All settings are in customizer
  • OOP architecture
  • row/grid version of property archive
  • reCAPTCHA support for enquire form
  • Terms and conditions link from registration form
  • Not other plugins required

Custom post types

  • Property
  • Agent
  • Agency
  • Package

Custom taxonomies

  • Locations
  • Property types
  • Contracts
  • Amenities


  • [realia_breadcrumb] Displays breadcrumb.
  • [realia_login] Login page.
  • [realia_logout] Logout page.
  • [realia_register] Register page.
  • [realia_submission] Create and edit property form.
  • [realia_submission_payment] Payment page.
  • [realia_submission_remove] Remove property.
  • [realia_submission_list] List of properties added by current user.
  • [realia_submission_package_info] Displays package information, if available.
  • [realia_transactions] Transaction history for current user.


  1. realia screenshot 1

    Google map with properties

  2. realia screenshot 2

    Property grid

  3. realia screenshot 3

    Front end submission form

  4. realia screenshot 4

    Property detail

  5. realia screenshot 5

    Payment page

  6. realia screenshot 6

    Search filter widget

  7. realia screenshot 7

    Property widget

  8. realia screenshot 8

    Agents widget

  9. realia screenshot 9

    User properties

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