ShopMagic For Twilio Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

ShopMagic For Twilio Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

ShopMagic for Twilio is a free add-on for ShopMagic (which is also free). In order to send sms, you will need both ShopMagic and the ShopMagic for Twilio add-on.


What does it mean that it’s an add-on?

It means that ShopMagic for Twilio requires ShopMagic plugin to work.

Before you start to worry – we simplified the installation process as much as possible.

If you download ShopMagic for Twilio add-on, you will see an additional dialog, which will inform you that the core plugin is required. Simply click on it, download and activate like any other plugin.

ShopMagic is a powerful follow-up email and marketing automation plugin which will enhance your store in many ways. You can read about it on its page or take a look on a sample feature list below:

  • WooCommerce follow-up emails – Automatic emails send to customers who bought specific products, are asking for a review or suggesting other products.
  • WooCommerce custom transactional emails – Create and send customized emails for every order status. Pending payment and cancelled statuses included!
  • Customized follow-up emails for different products – Possibility to create different emails (content and design) for different products. Raw HTML supported!
  • Emails to employees – Notify your employees about store events or email yourself with important information about orders.
  • Integration with Mailchimp – You can add customers to Mailchimp lists upon checkout.
  • Customer lists – Create and manage multiple lists, for example create separate lists for newsletters, special offers or product announcements.
  • Queue and outcomes – The queue helps to prioritize all emails while outcomes are a place, where you can check email history.

Is there a ShopMagic for Twilio PRO version?

No. ShopMagic for Twilio is an add-on which was designed as free and it will be free once and for all. All of the features are included into this add-on.

No additional login, credit card or external account needed. We are fans of old-fashioned WordPress way. Simply download and activate our plugins and you will be good to go and ready to send sms using Twilio.

However, there’s a non-direct way of extending ShopMagic for Twilio features. If you are using ShopMagic PRO you have some add-ons like Delayed Actions or Customer Coupons, you can use them and their features to create much more sophisticated scenarios.


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