Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
4.6 Average out of 24 ratings
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Plugin Description

Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar (Wordpress version)

  • 62 social icons
  • 2.304 style combinations
  • Left top, left middle, left bottom, right top, right middle, right bottom positions
  • Fixed & absolute positions
  • 6 color styles
  • Half – hidden option
  • Edge radius on/off
  • Open in new window on/off
  • [PAGE_URL] “Shortcode” for passing actual url to the buttons link

It’s very simple to use. Upload plugin to your Wordpress site, setup links to your social pages and customization options. It’s fully adjustable from admin panel.

User reviews

Socialsider - Universal Social Sidebar - 1


- Animations changed to transform()
- Minor adjustments

- Added "blur" option
- Added "disable on mobile" option
- Added icons: 8tracks, airbnb, alliance, amazon, amplement, android, angellist, appnet, baidu, bandcamp, battlenet, bebee, blizzard, chrome, curse, deezer, diablo, discord, douban, draugiem, drupal, ebay, ello, endomondo, etsy, filmweb, firefox, formulr, goodreads, googlescholar, googlegroups, googlephotos, googleplus, hackerrank, hearthstone, hellocoton, heroes, hitbox, horde, houzz, icq, imdb, issuu, istock, itunes, keybase, line, livejournal, lyft, macos, mail, medium, meetup, mixcloud, modelmayhem, mumble, nintendo, npm, odnoklassniki, openid, opera, overwatch, patreon, paypal, periscope, persona, player, playstation, pocket, qq, quora, raidcall, ravelry, renren, researchgate, residentadvisor, reverbnation, sharethis, smugmug, snapchat, songkick, stackexchange, stackoverflow, starcraft, stayfriends, storehouse, strava, streamjar, swarm, teamspeak, teamviewer, telegram, tripit, triplej, twitch, uber, ventrilo, viber, viewbug, warcraft, wechat, weibo, whatsapp, wykop, yammer, yandex, younow, zapie, zomato
- Minor fixes
- Fixed line-height issue
- Fixed overflow:hidden; issue with shadow option
- Socicon font updated to v3.5.2
- Removed icons: easid, netcodes, chimein

- Open in new window feature (target="_blank")
- Shortcode for current page URL in link (simply use [PAGE_URL] - userful for sharing)
- Minor code fixes

- First version


Socialsider is using Socicon font –

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