Supermenu – Wordpress Mega Menu Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Supermenu – Wordpress Mega Menu Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Supermenu – Wordpress Mega Menu Plugin


  • Integrates Automatically with your theme
  • Can be placed anywhere using Shortcode
  • Built using Bootstrap
  • Powered By SASS
  • Uses Redux Framework
  • Offers Prestyled Menus
  • Configure Menu Breakpoint


  • Enable/Disable Top Menu
  • Show/Hide Logo in Top Menu
  • Show/Hide Social Icons in Top Menu
  • Enable/Disable Superside Menu
  • Show/Hide Logo in Superside Menu
  • Show/Hide Social Icons in Superside Menu


  • Choose Menu to Enable Supermenu for
  • Upload Logo
  • Logo Height
  • Top Menu Bar Height
  • Menu Breakpoint
  • Choose Menu Layouts (Inline/Stacked)
  • Enable/Disable Top Menu Shadow
  • Top Menu Shadow Size
  • Enable/Disable Dropdown Shadow
  • Full Width Inner Wrapper


  • Menu Background Color
  • Menu Border Configurations
  • Border Radius
  • Top Menu Links Color (Regular, Hover, Active)
  • Top Menu Links Hover Effect
  • Top Menu Typography (Font Family, Text Transform, Letter Spacing, Font Weight, Font Size, Line Height)
  • Dropdown Backround
  • Dropdown Border Radius
  • Dropdown Border Configurations
  • Dropdown Typography (Font Family, Text Transform, Letter Spacing, Font Weight, Font Size, Line Height)
  • Dropdown Links Color (Regular, Hover, Active)


  • Show/Hide Top Menu on Page Load
  • Enable/Disable Fixed Menu
  • Configure Padding (Automatic/Manual)
  • —If Manual: Set Padding in px
  • ETP or Effect Trigger Point
  • Choose Fixed Menu Type (Regular Fixed, Fixed at ETP, Visible on scroll up)
  • Upload New logo to show on Scroll
  • Menu Background on Scroll
  • Dropdown Background on Scroll
  • Menu Links Color on Scroll
  • Dropdow Links Color on scroll
  • Change Menu Width at ETP
  • Scale menu on Scroll


  • Superside’s Layout (Aside/Full Width)
  • Superside Direction (Left / Right)
  • Fixed Superside Toggle Icon
  • Superside Logo
  • Superside Logo Alignment
  • Superside MenuAlignment
  • Superside Social Icons Alignment
  • Superside Copyrights Message Alignment
  • Superside Copyrights Message


  • Superside Background
  • Body Overlay Color when Superside Open
  • Superside Typography
  • Superside Menu Links Color


  • Searchform Style
  • Searchform Overlay
  • Facebook Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Instagram Link
  • Linkedin Link
  • Pinterest Link
  • Google Plus Link
  • Github Link
  • Youtuve Link
  • Contact Page Link


  • Menu Animation
  • Menu Animation Duration
  • Menu Animation Delay
  • Logo Animation
  • Logo Animation Duration
  • Logo Animation Delay
  • Menu Items Animation
  • Menu Items Animation Duration
  • Menu Items Animation Delay
  • Dropdown Animation
  • Dropdown Animation Duration
  • Dropdown Animation Delay


  • Outer Wrapper
  • Inner Wrapper
  • Custom CSS


Q. What is ETP?
ETP of Effect Trigger point is basically the scroll distance (in px). Users can configure it. So if you set the ETP at 600px, the effects like Changing Background Color, Scaling menu would trigger at that point.

Q. What if I want to use just the Top Menu or just the Superside Menu?
Yes, Using Supermenu’s Feature Control Section, you can easily disable the Top Menu or Superside Menu.

Q. Does it work with Avada, X, Enfold and other popular/not so popular themes?
Luckily, we haven’t found a theme yet not supporting Supermenu as of yet. Our tests with the popular themes were all positives. If there are still minor padding issues, we can help you fix them up within hours on our forum.

Q. Can you guys setup the plugin or do custom modifications for an extra charge?
Yes, we are a small team of full time Web Developers. Simply contact us using the message box on our profile.


Performance Update
- Fixed Superside's browser issues
- Way lesser changes of theme conflicts.
- Various minor bug fixes

- Option to choose use Text logo and style it
- You can now configure the size & Color of toggle icons (Supermenu > Icon Config)
- Option to add separators in superside menu
- Added Close Icon inside Superside Menu
- Widgets can now be added to Superside Menu
- Dropdown will now reveal only on hover
- FIXED: Sticky Menu wasn't working
- FIXED: Dropdown links weren't working as expected

- You can now add icons to Supermenu and Superside menu items (Make sure to add the down arrow to the items which have dropdown)
- Superside menu offers a better stability and responsiveness now
- Superside menu now reveals dropdown icons on clicking on the parent icon
- FIXED: If dropdown set to hover, the parent item wasn't clickable
- Various minor CSS and jQuery enhancements

- Added Automatic Integration
- Added Option to make Superside menu Full Width
- Added option to expand Superside Menu from Left
- Fixed Conflict with various themes
- Other Minor Bug fixes

- Superside Menu Items Alignment
- Fixed Superside not collapsing on Mobile
- Smoother transitions for Superside
- Superside menu is now scrollable
- Added option for copyrights text in superside menu
- Fixed supermenu hiding under wordpress admin bar
- Other Minor Bug Fixes

- Added Sidemenu
- Sidemenu Styling
- Added new Creative search options
- Added Creative link effects
- Option to add toggle button for topmenu
- Scroll up to reveal menu
- Change logo on scroll 
- Change complete menu styling on scroll
- Feature control (New section)
- Add social icons in top or superside menu
- Logo in sidemenu
- Multiple shadow styles
- Hover to reveal on dropdown
- Animated toggle button
- Menu visible after a certain amount of scroll
- Reduce menu width on scroll
- New better looking options panel
- Automatic Updates

- Bug Fixed - Preset Not working
- Bug fixed - Change color feature not working as expected

- Added new menu Layout : Stacked
- Added change color on scroll feature
- Added Resize menu on scroll feature
- Added Supermenu automatically calculates menu height and adds padding to body tag when using fixed menu
- Added Option to change the toggle icon's color scheme
- Added option to set scroll distance for menu effects like color change and size change to trigger
- Changed mobile navigation icon

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