TextRocks Widget Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

TextRocks Widget Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Our plugin is an omni-channel chat widget. It would enable the site owners to link their fb messenger, whatsapp, livechat accounts to our widget from our platform. Site visitors can choose from any of these options to contact the site owner.

Use of Third-party Services

We use AWS Cloudfront Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for faster delivery loading of static files.

cdn.text.rocks is from AWS S3 service delivered through Cloudfront.

AWS S3 – https://aws.amazon.com/s3/
AWS Cloudfront – https://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/
AWS Terms – https://aws.amazon.com/service-terms/
AWS Privacy Policy – https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/

For any questions regarding our and our vendors’ terms and privacy policies, please write to us at compliance@text.rocks


PHP 5.6+, 7, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3 recommended for better performance, WordPress 5.0+


  1. Widget look like

    Widget look like

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    Plugin settings

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