Ultimate Membership Pro – Paystack Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Ultimate Membership Pro – Paystack Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

**Enables businesses from African region to receive payments from anyone, anywhere in the globe.

Payments will be processed swiftly and seamlessly when this addon is activated.

This addon is an extension of Ultimate Membership Pro plugin.

🌟 Ultimate Membership Pro

For many years in a row, Ultimate Membership Pro has been the most well-known and finest WordPress Membership Plugin, allowing you to establish and operate with multi-level exclusive access for your Members based on basic Free Memberships or Paid recurring Subscriptions.

With Ultimate Membership Pro site owners can convert a WordPress website into a powerful Content Selling Platform and start charging members for valuable access right away.

🔔 How it works?

This addon will be included in the list of payment channels offered by Ultimate Membership Pro. Users who do not require recurring or trial payments can obtain membership through this payment gateway.

Keep in mind that this plugin only functions as a one-time payment. To operate subscriptions, you can check the Paystack Pro version.

All you have to do is installation, activation, and setup of the extension.

💡 For Paystack to work, Ultimate Membership Pro is required.

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Razorpay for Ultimate Membership Pro – Accepts one time payments and run transactions so that users join as members.

Ultimate Membership Pro – PayFast – Makes it easier for visitors to become members by facilitating operations and one-time payments.

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Plugin Ultimate Membership Pro – Paystack is developed by WPIndeed Development, a dedicated WordPress product company with over 100k happy customers.


  1. <p>Addon activated</p>

    Addon activated

  2. <p>Order from the list of payment tools</p>

    Order from the list of payment tools

  3. <p>Paystack activated in Payment Services</p>

    Paystack activated in Payment Services

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