A/B Rankings: SEO Split Testing Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

A/B Rankings: SEO Split Testing Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

  • Improve your WordPress SEO Performance *

Optimize your post titles and descriptions for better clickthrough rates

Imagine if you could get 25% more clicks from your existing Google rankings? By improving your articles’ headlines and meta descriptions to be more compulsive, add a call to action or simply better target your keywords you can significantly increase traffic from your existing search rankings.

A/B Rankings will help you test new variations of your site’s titles, layout and content in order to optimize your Google SERP snippet, making your site look more valuable to the seearcher and increasing your organic click through rates.

A/B Rankings App
A/B Rankings is a standalone application that integrates with all web platforms including WordPress. You must have an A/B Rankings account in order to take advantage of this plugin. Click here to create your account.

How to start SEO split testing

  1. Install this plugin
  2. Sign up at A/B Rankings
  3. Connect your Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) account so we can track changes in your rankings
  4. Create a new test on abrankings.com and the test’s changes will be deployed instantly to your WordPress site

Changes made to your site will be visible to all users immediately, so from the very first crawl of your test page Google will see your changes and we will start tracking their impact.

Test new content ideas, widgets and copy

How would your pages perform if you were to update old content, or add an extra 500 words of copy to cover new keywords? Before you start an expensive content creation campaign, why not test the impact of changes to your site by updating your pages and monitoring the impact on your traffic and revenue?

You might also want to test:

  • Adding additional content to pages to increase keyword coverage and long tail rankings
  • Adding schema.org JSON-LD structured data to a page for featured snippets
  • Altering anchors on internal links to improve a key page’s positions
  • Adding a linked table of contents to an in-depth guide to optimize for inline sitelinks
  • Adding boilerplate copy to pages to see if you can increase ranking keyword combinations
    or anything else you can think of!


A/B Rankings is an advanced SEO testing tool. No other WordPress SEO plugin or WordPress title or description optimizer compares to A/B Rankings and the features it offers.


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