Feedo – Automate Product Feed Optimization For Google Merchant Center Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Feedo – Automate Product Feed Optimization For Google Merchant Center Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The Feedo plugin for WordPress Woocommerce makes it quick and easy to create, automate and publish product feed to Google Merchant Center.


Ensures that feeds for newly uploaded/updated products are optimized as they are created/updated.
Globally maps product categories and other custom variables with the Google Merchant Center values.
Lets users to update Merchant Center-specific attributes either in bulk or by individual product, before sending them to automated optimization.
One-click publishing directly to Google Merchant Center after optimized feed review.

How does our feed optimization work?

We use our in-house optimization engine built on a microservice architecture, and it has two different services as below,
1. Title Optimization
This service optimizes the title based on a defined pattern according to the category.
For example, apparel product “title optimization” pattern would be,
Brand + Gender + Product Type + Attributes (Color, Size, Material)
Before Optimization: Rebook CrossFit Shoes
        After Optimization: Reebok Women’s CrossFit Shoes, Black Leather (Size 7)
2. Generate Product Type
Google recommends you to include more granular categories as it classifies your product more precisely. For example, Books > Non-Fiction > Sports > Baseball is better than Baseball. Our service will try and create a detailed classification using various attributes of your product.
Example: Women’s Shoes > Reebok Shoes > CrossFit Shoes > Black Shoes > Leather Shoes

Note: This optimization is optional, and you can directly submit your feed as it is to Google Merchant center.

Feedo Support

Just drop your question to our Support Email ID:- feedo-support@regalix-inc.com
Feedo’s “Help” document has been hosted under this URL, which includes all the required details about the plugin for the users:- https://feedo.sharedemos.com/#!/wordpress
Please refer to our privacy policy page: https://feedoapi.regalix.com/privacy-policy


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