ImageKit Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

ImageKit Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Images make up a critical part of all websites and mobile applications these days. They are the centerpieces of a great product and user experience. Managing your images and delivering the perfect image, tailored and optimized for your user’s device is, therefore, more critical than it has ever been. However, this takes up a lot of development and maintenance time that could have otherwise been used in building your core product. This is where ImageKit can excel.

This plugin will automatically update all the image URLs in your post so that images are fetched from ImageKit for optimization and faster delivery instead of your web server.

Gets the best out of all your images in less than 10 minutes
* Your existing images get all the benefits instantly
* Size, quality & format optimizations work automatically
* URL-based image transformations like resize, crop, rotate etc
* Responsive images for a tailored experience across devices
* Up to 50% load time reduction with quality and format settings
* CDN-powered delivery of images across the globe
* Simple dashboard to monitor usage and manage your images
* Easy to integrate SDKs for uploads and other features

You just need to Create an account on ImageKit to use this plugin and get optimization benefits on your WordPress website instantly.

About ImageKit
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