LSX Geo Content Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

LSX Geo Content Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The LSX Geo Content plugin detects your IP address and the Protocol Version (v4 or v6) used. Your country code is then determined using the downloaded DB from This is cached for 1 hour.

It is compatible with Caldera Forms plugin, as it allows to pre-populate content based not the location.


You can use any of the following inside a WordPress editor, or a shortcode enabled field.

  • [geo_content country=”ZA”] You are in South Africa [/geo_content]

  • [geo_content country=”US”] You are in the US [/geo_content]

Template Tags

Replace country code with the 2 digit country code.
– United States = US
– United Kingdom = GB
– South Africa = ZA

Caldera Forms

Add in one of the following custom CSS classes to the field you wish to pre-populate. The filters only work with the “text” and “dropdown” type classes.
– .lsx-geo-ip
– .lsx-geo-country
– .lsx-geo-region
– .lsx-geo-zip-code
– .lsx-geo-metro-code
– .lsx-geo-city
– .lsx-geo-latitude
– .lsx-geo-longitude

Nav Menu Filters

Firstly create a menu and assign it to a menu location. You will add a custom link to the menu and several child menu items, so it creates a drop down on the frontend.
– .lsx-geo
– .lsx-geo-parent
– .lsx-geo-default
– .lsx-geo-{country_code} e.g “lsx-geo-za”
– .lsx-geo-ex-{country_code} e.g “lsx-geo-ex-us”

Works with the LSX Theme

Our theme theme works perfectly with the Geo Content plugin.

It’s free, and always will be.

We’re firm believers in open source – that’s why we’re releasing the Geo Content plugin for free, forever.


We offer premium support for this plugin. Premium support that can be purchased via


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