Simple WC Order Export/Import Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Simple WC Order Export/Import Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Simple WC order Export/Import is a plugin for export and import orders of woocommerce. While importing Products sometime products get new ID’s so this plugin will perform order mapping to assign right products to orders. Order mapping only update product and variation not other information of orders.
It is recommended to import products first before importing the orders. Products import/export is done by woocommerce default functionality.

Steps (Recommended):

1) OREM ORDER EXPORT/IMPORT : – (Woocommerce->Orem Order Export/Import)

i. Export Products :
i) please Check “Export custom meta” field.

ii. ImportProducts :
a) Choose exported
b) Check “Update existing products” if to update the existing product if ID matches.
c) Change Map to field of ID to ‘Do not import’ and click ‘Run the importer’.

iii. Export Orders :
a) Just select the format and click Export.

iv. Import Orders :
b) Choose exported file and click Import.

2) OREM ORDER MAPPING : – (Woocommerce->Orem Order Maping)

While importing the products and orders in another website if item are already exist with same ID’s then importing process assign new ID’s. For assigning the correct product/variation this process need to be done.
While performing this process update the order meta data and cann’t be undo so its recommended to backup the database. You just need to click ‘Start Backup’ button on Mapping page for backing up the database. Backup will stord in wp-content/uploads/backups/woo_orderexport/database-{ unique id }.sql

NOTE: Cross check and select right product and varient. and variation can only selected while select products.

3) Database Backup


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