CloudWok File-Upload Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

CloudWok File-Upload Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Receive files directly in your Dropbox folder, Google Drive folder, S3 bucket, folder, or Facebook photo album. With the CloudWok file-upload plugin you can let others upload files to your cloud storage.

With the CloudWok WordPress plugin, you can embed a cloudwok file-upload form into your own website or blog. Visitors of your website can upload files that are transferred directly into your connected Dropbox folder (or Google Drive folder, …).

For example, with the CloudWok Wordpress plug-in, you can:
* Create a wedding website where you let wedding guests upload photos directly into your Dropbox, Google Drive, …
* Create a project website with passowrd-protected file-upload form, through which you collect project deliverables and submissions from colleagues, collaborators, and business partners.
* Create a blog where you invite your audience to submit pictures and videos for a contest.

Share your use case with us by sending us a link to your Wordpress site at We are always happy to hear feedback from our users. Sometimes so much, that we give away service upgrades and upload quota for free.


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