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Embed Notion Pages Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Embed Notion Pages is a powerful tool that lets you harness the power of Notion and embed its pages into your own website. Create your content in Notion, grab the provided embed code, and seamlessly integrate beautifully updated pages onto your site.

While Notion provides a fantastic platform for content creation, directing users to a public Notion domain may not provide the best user experience. Embed Notion Pages allows you to enjoy all the creative freedom Notion offers, customise your embed to match your brand, and let people experience it as part of your own website. Essentially, Embed Notion Pages amplifies your content presentation while maintaining the usability and simplicity of Notion.

This plugin works with shortcodes. Simply generate your Notion page embed code on our website and use the shortcode on your desired WordPress page/post.


  1. Create your Notion page embed on our website https://www.embednotionpages.com
  2. Use the WordPress shortcode [notion id="your-embed-id"] from your embed on your desired WordPress page/post.


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