Pizzazz Portfolio Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Pizzazz Portfolio Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
3.4 Average out of 7 ratings
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Plugin Description

Pizzazz is a simple WordPress portfolio plugin that helps you to engage your audience by displaying your work in a clean, 1 page, image based, portfolio. This approach is important because research has shown that having to wait for a new page to load to get additional information worsens your visitors’ experience and increases the chances of them leaving your site without contacting you. Check out some of its features below:

Free Version Features

  • 1 page design. No page loads keeps your audience’s attention and browsing your work.
  • Mobile friendly. Your portfolio will detect mobile phones and flatten out to display cleanly, loading less resources and optimizing for those screens. You can preview the mobile view by flipping a switch in “Settings.”
  • Video Integration. Simply add a video link to Vimeo or YouTube to turn a focus image into a video launcher.
  • Share icon functionality integrated.
  • Custom fields. Call out specific elements of a portfolio item (e.g. “Year”, “Type”, “Market”, etc.).
  • Compact display of unlimited items.
  • Intuitive Interface. Pizzazz uses the same interface as WordPress categories and posts, so it’s easy to figure out what goes where.
  • Use HTML elements like lists, images, and links in your item descriptions.
  • Width sensitive. Depending on the width of your content area, Pizzazz will adjust the display of items to keep things looking clean even when there isn’t much room to do so.
  • Search Friendly. Portfolio content loads on the page using the short code and not via Ajax, so it’s indexable by search engines.

What’s in the Commercial Version?

  • Categories
  • Call to action buttons— link to case studies, contact us, PDF’s… whatever you want.
  • Color themes
  • Alternate laptop theme
  • Support! Boring, but great to have. 🙂

Check it out here: Portflio Plugin Wordpress


  1. pizzazz screenshot 1

    Wordpress Portfolio plugin full width.

  2. pizzazz screenshot 2

    The admin view of items in the portfolio.

  3. pizzazz screenshot 3

    Wordpress Portfolio plugin item.

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