Testimonials Ultimate – WordPress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Testimonials Ultimate – WordPress Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Testimonials Ultimate – Wordpress Plugin

Improve credibility and encourage visitors to purchase products with this plugin. You can display testimonials from your clients in a sidebar through the Testimonials Ultimate widget or you can display them in a page or post through the short-code.


This version comes with 100% responsive layouts including the two types of sliders. Custom colors and subtitles are now available for each layout and widget. Not to worry if you don’t need them, the testimonials will look outstanding without them as well.


This version comes with a simple but very valuable submission form. The form is completely ajax based and have a simplified style for the fields and the form. Also it comes with Really Simple Captcha field so you know that you won’t get any spam.


Complete tools to get you started on created the most beautiful and credible testimonials for your website. Included in this version are 8 new layouts for inner page testimonials. You can now create ratings for testimonials or add “simple” widgets in your sidebar. You also get 18 new color themes for both the page testimonials and the widgets.


  • Simple interface to enter and edit testimonials
  • Sidebar widget to integrate into your website
  • Fade In and Pop Animation
  • Autoplay Option – Rotate testimonials automatically
  • Multi-widgets – more than one widgets available in WP backend
  • Copy/paste shortcodes to insert testimonials in a page/post
  • Pricing tables
  • Progress bars
  • 8 view layouts:
    • Accordion view – testimonials ordered inside an accordion, useful for presenting testimonials in a page with columns or clients page
    • Alumni view – testimonials or team members showcase ordered in categories
    • Cloud view – testimonials in circles that pop and show the testimonial with the color theme chosen
    • Full page view – full page testimonial with fixed background images, for best look use images with high resolution
    • Full-width slider view – slider of testimonials with four testimonials in a slide
    • Small slider view – inner page slider with unlimited slides and read more buttons
    • Ratings view – include rating of a particular review or testimonial with yellow stars
    • Simple view – minimalistic but modern presentation of a testimonial
    • * Widget view is available via shortcode as well
  • 18 color themes – different layouts include the theme in a different manner
  • 100% responsive plugin – all layouts are adjusted to fit perfectly on any device or browser
  • Subtitles for each layout/widget
  • Custom colors – in both hex or color name
  • Submission form – you can see it in action here.
  • Easily create testimonials with the Shortcodes Generator


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You can contact us at support@wpicode.com anytime for anything, and we will try to help you regarding this plugin if you have already purchased it.

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Change log

1/29/2015 - Added shortcodes generator
1/29/2015 - Version 4.2 with options:
-100% responsive layouts
- Custom colors and subtitles
1/25/2015 - Fixed color of link in full page view
1/24/2015 - Uploaded 4.1 with options
- alumni view link bug fix
- full page testimonials added link to name
- Frontend submission form (so that visitors can submit new testimonials), really simple captcha included
12/29/2014 - Upload of version 4
9/23/2013 - Test pop at the beginning of page when shortcode used, bug fixed
Version 2.3:
- Multi-widgets
- Title bug fixed
- Autoplay bug fixed
Version 2.2:
- Shortcode attributes "cat" and "type" 
- Fixed slash bug
- Load latest jquery script
Version 2.1 - Initial plugin

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