TWI Scrollbar, Scrollup & Favicon (3 In 1) Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

TWI Scrollbar, Scrollup & Favicon (3 In 1) Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Wordpress Advanced Page/Post/Taxonomy Scrollbar, Favicon and Scrollup is super flexible Page/Post/Taxonomy scrollbar and scrollup plugin with advance favicon option for all devices. By this plugin you can build your scrollbar & scrollup for all page or page wise (including Author/Search/404 pages), posts wise, custom posts wise, taxonomy wise(including categories/tags), custom taxonomy wise(including custom categories/tags) with live preview option.

Main features of plugin :

Where you can use the Scrollbar and Scrollup seperately:

  • All pages/Specific pages scrollbar & scrollup.
  • All posts/Specific posts scrollbar & scrollup.
  • Post categories/tags wise scrollbar & scrollup.
  • All custom post & Taxonomy wise scrollbar & scrollup.
  • Woocommerce pages & product wise scrollbar & scrollup.
  • Blog page options.
  • Authors pages options.
  • Search page options.
  • 404 page options.
  • On/Off option for every section.

scrollbar features:

  • Live preview.
  • Scrollbar unlimited color Width, Height settings.
  • Scrollbar border unlimited color, width and all types border style.
  • Set scrollbar border radius, scrollbar speed & mousescroll step(px).
  • Scrollbar Autohide settings with delay option
  • Smoothscroll on/off options
  • Scrollbar align, scrollbar rail background with unlimited color & opacity options
  • On/Off option for every section.
  • Many more…..

ScrollUp Features:

  • Settings option for scrollup distance, Scroll From, Scrollup Speed.
  • Basic and Advanced animation type with control of animation speed.
  • Scrollup button location options with horizontal/ vertical alignment.
  • Four types of scrollup button options- Text, Awesome Icon, 54 Predefined image, Custom image upload options.
  • Text label option with unlimited color
  • Choose font size and line height for text.
  • 650+ google fonts for text options
  • Font awesome icon options
  • 54 predefined scrollup button images & more coming.
  • Custom image upload option
  • Live preview for text label.
  • On/Off option for every section.
  • Many more…..

Favicon Features:

  • Three different favicon section.
  • General favicon upload options.
  • Favicon upload option for Android-chrome.
  • Apple touch icon upload option.
  • Favicon option for win 8-Tile.
  • On/Off option for every section.

None Option

  • You can turn off any option what you want.

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